Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

when we need God, we pray to GOd please help me, we need you. And God sure say: "Yes My child...I'm here with you".

but When God Need Us... are we there for Him? Do we say : "Yes Lord I'm here"?

We always want something from God, but we never Do wat God want from Us.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Bithday to you!

Wanna wish Happy Blessed Bifthday to my Dearest. ^^

as few year bck, cant celebrate and be with him again! mbe this time kinda different oredi. he did told me not celebrating this year but, i still do get him a little present and a hand make card. Hope he like it. =) nothing much this time.. Wish he gt a good health, and wateva he do all going well and GOd pls blessed him all the time. Take good care of him. thx you Lord. ^^

pic taken by him ( i 4gt to take my own pic this time)

beside, jst finsh this sem exam. haha~~ and packing some books into boxes. and found the 1st Love letter from him few year bck. Lol..... I almost 4gt that i do keep it till now. whn i read back, it was cute and funny.. when we were young. Omg. haha! wander is he still remember bout wat he wrte or not. XD it so funny and cute. kinda sad cause we really in distance relationship that time. da suffering of cant see each other anymore. but jst sms. calling is expensive too. wat a tough relationship. but i never regret all this year. never regret that i love him and only him will be in my life. mbe other will thnk i wont find another relationship anymore? and Im sure to tell you all that Im very sure. ^^ mbe some say doesnt worth it. But for me it Worth than everthing. I'll make him the 1st and the last. wander if he still love me? if not also nevermind. God already have plan in me. <3 & thx God for putting him in my life.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Count Down

jst bck from Uni... go practice and doing term paper!

sit back & count dwn for the Jury day! >< 1 week from now. My day has to come! I Have to do it. I Must do it! Do it well...

Dear Lord, pls help and guide me all da way through.
without you im nothing!
help me how to do it for you and all for you Only.

Self Praise & Worship sunday ~

Good morning... Doing my own praise & worship today. this 3 song is da song come to my mind after Prayer!

Monday, March 28, 2011

I dream about you .. again ^^

good afternoon bloggy... it been long time didnt blog oredi. today is about my dream last nite.
it consider as a Sweet n Good dream for me. XD
I dream bout Him...

we having a war ( with Gun, machinese Gun, M16, Boom and so on ) fighting wf bad guy. some sort like a movie dream... We won the fight, manage to shoot them all.
So went to celebrate at a cafe, we all sitting there and have drink.
the next day we went back & hangout at da same place again, but this time, my tooth pain and da upper teeth like Bigger, cant event talk clearly. he was beside me... eating and chatting wf frens & waiting for my Bro. my teeth too pain and jst lay on his arm for a rest.. <3
some 1 singing Hillsong in da cafe, I stand up and Say : hey, i know this song too. Pass me the mic we sing togather. but, my teeth is Big n cant event pronouce clearly. =.=

following day, i wanted him accompany me to go hospital for check out bout my teeth. so, on my way to his parent's shop, hope can find him there while calling him.....
he say he outside, oni be home at 3pm.. ( i was thnking it take so long and decide go by my on oredi ). he continue... "Y u didnt call me? you know i miss You alot? " ^^
When i heard this i was so so happy!

but that all jst a dream. It will nvr be real. haiz... but i really miss him alot.
we less contact each other now, due to my SMS.? since that nite, he no longer sms me oredi.

how i wish my dream can become real ~

p/s: miss you alot

Sunday, January 30, 2011



Monday, December 27, 2010

i need u

It been awhle i keep ask myself what i need and what i want. And now im sure with my feeling.

1. I really need you. i need you more than anything else. this is for sure, i can hide it, i can denied it, i can pretend that i dont need you. but when i look deep insde me, i need u most.

2. I wish to hve u bck as my dearest. sometime i feel w/o u i can stand alone. but whn i get into hard time.. i need ur support the most.

3. I still want to love you more. that is for sure. i nvr doubt bout loving u.

4. I'm the 1 cant let go. cant let go of u. I'm afraid of loosing u.